About Us

PicxelPlay is a top-level Phoenix & Tucson based custom web development & design firm.

PicxePlay is located in beautiful sunny Arizona. We are not just about creating eye-catching, flashy Web 2.0 content. We pride ourselves on making you, the customer happy and involved. We want to build a relationship with you. We know that is a pretty cliche phrase that every business uses, but we REALLY mean it. We want to create a site for you that meets and exceeds your approval. We want to give you first rate service development & design. We look forward to doing business with you!

Using that knowledge, you know that we also personally use the same softwares that we will use to craft your website. We promote it, and use it. We practice what we preach. We give you the same technologies that Fortune 500 companies and the Government use on a daily basis to run their sites.

Having an online presence is not just about having a website slapped together to get it live. You should not just have a website built, you should have it hand crafted. There are many details and processes that go into a website that not many people know about; or even understand. Some of those things are: the architecture, foundation, design & look, hardware, development, performance, usability, accessibility, SEO, aggregation, and bug fixes.

If you are not sure what some of these things are, don’t worry, we do. And if you would like to know what they are, feel free to ask us.