String Overrides

Have you ever wanted to replace a certain string of text on your Drupal Website? Maybe something that is in the core, and you don’t want to mess with the core (and you shouldn’t by the way). Or maybe a module produces a certain sentence that you do not want to alter for upgrading purposes.


  • Drupal 5, 6, 7
  • String Overrides Module

Welcome to String Overrides.

The String Overrides module is very easy to use, and can save you some headache for changing text. It will replace anything that’s passed through t().

Install it like every other module.
Configure the access permission in admin/user/access or admin/user/permissions.
Go to /admin/settings/stringoverrides.

Enter the Original string that you want to change in the left box, then enter the new string in the right box.

You can enter has many string overrides as necessary. You can even import and export string overrides.

String Overrides

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