Theming the Drupal 6 registration, login, and request new password pages (NOT just forms)

I created this tutorial because I found a lack of documentation on how to make standalone pages for your login/registration/request password pages.  By standalone, I mean have these pages look totally different than the rest of your site.  All the tuts I came across claimed to theme these pages, but they ended up theming just the forms themselves, or they tell you to make files that do not work with Drupal 6.


  • Drupal 6.x

Files used:

  • page.tpl.php
  • page-user-register.tpl.php
  • page-user-login.tpl.php
  • page-user-password.tpl.php


Register Page


Copy page.tpl.php three times.
Rename one copy to page-user-register.tpl.php
Rename the second copy to page-user-login.tpl.php
Rename the third copy to page-user-password.tpl.php

*page.tpl.php is located at yourtheme/page.tpl.php

Register Page


Flush all caches


The default user login is at /user.  For this, your new login page is at /user/login.

Your Request New Password page is at /user/password

Your Register Page is at /user/register

This is useful if you want to remove the three tabs from these pages.

Register Page


Test your three new pages.

Open up page-user-register.tpl.php, page-user-login.tpl.php, page-user-password.tpl.php and Select All text and delete. Save the pages, but don’t close them.

Now go to /user/login, /user/password, and /user/register. They should all be blank pages.  This is good.

Now go back and undo the text deletes on those three pages. Save the files and close them. If you go back to those pages now, they will be back up.


Now start theming those three pages to your hearts content.  Adjust the code in each file to represent how you want them to look. And respectively, change your css files to reflect. For instance, you can take out your footers, headers, sidebars, change background colors. Rename, delete, or add new divs to styling them if you choose.


Here are just a few sample pages for inspiration

Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg (adult content, but it is a beautiful registration page)





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